The Rules of Roleplay Haven

Welcome to "Roleplay Haven", a safe place for roleplayers of all fandoms.
Before you get started, make sure to read our rules carefully. It's very important that you understand our comportement of roleplaying, and how to behave in order to be a part of our community. You've to agree to our terms. Otherwise we're forced to ask you to leave this platform.
Please note, that these rules are written down in English for an international understanding. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact one of the admins - either on a personal chat, or on We'll take care of your request as soon as possible.



• "Roleplay Haven" is a place for roleplayers of all fandoms. Here you're allowed to express your creativity in your passion and love for a fictional writing interaction! Feel free to write in any kind of fandom, as your favorite character, or even for your very own one! There's no limit for it! Together we're able to create worlds beyond anything you've seen before! Discover new people, make friends and socialize! We're sharing the same passion here!
'Roleplay' means to interact with other/different people in a fantastic world, known from movies, books, or even your own imagination. Please notice, that - although we're a community for any kind of fandoms - we won't accept the following themes:
• Wrestling
• YouTube
• Dance- and Casting-Shows
• similar to these

• Be courteous and friendly. We're all responsible people here, joined together in our love for Roleplaying. There is absolutely no need to be rude, discourteous, inflammatory or anything else but nice. If you have a problem with someone, bring it to us admins. We will contact everyone involved and settle it off the TL. We want to see NO drama at all on the TL. It will not be tolerated. It disrupts everyone and quite frankly there is no need for it at all. We're all intelligent human beings and can sort our differences out amicably.

• You should be at least 18 years or older, in order to join this community. It comes on sense, that there isn't any limit to a storyline and you've to be aware of fights, love and mature contents. Although we won't accept smut, child pornography, fetish, or similar harassment on our community, it's basically a part of every roleplay to write for a descriptive love story, or a bloody fight. Just keep in mind, if you don't like what you see, you better move on and renounce a membership on "Roleplay Haven".

• It's very important that you're creative, loyal, reliable, literate and descriptive, in order to join our community. This isn't what you call 'a simple roleplay', where you decide to change your account every single week. No, we're like a family and stick together. So please, make sure to be loyal to your character and that you're sure of the muse for him/her. Once it's given to you, you have to take care of it.

• Be descriptive! Believe me, there's nothing more frustrating, than writing with a lot of passion and creativity, up to 1000 signs and more, and all you get is a short reply with 2 words. Please, don't do that! If you want to be part of our community, you have to be descriptive! A reply of 300 signs is ok, even with five to ten sentences, but please, don't do that mistake and give a short answer (except if you write OOC). We all are here to enjoy our time, but this is a mood killer.

No drama! Maybe that's one of the most important rules of all. We are like a family and we won't tolerate any drama or bullying on our community. If we see something out on the timeline, we barely hesitate and admonish that member. We won't say we'll block or banish him, but he/she should be aware of further actions. If he/she doesn't fit in our community, it's better for him/her to leave ~ We're sorry.
Also, we don't want to see any harassment, god modding, smut, child pornography, sodomy with animals, fetish, or similar. Stay friendly and responsible, and we appreciate you as a trustworthy member of our community. It also means you write for your character and your character only. You cannot write for another person's nor can you do things to that character without the other writer's permission. Sure you can maybe slap someone if they have been lippy, but expect them to retaliate. But any physical harm or deaths, must be cleared with the other character's writer first. You wouldn't want someone to just walk up and shoot you in the head, would you?

• The software, we're playing/writing on, is similar to Twitter and/or Facebook, with the difference that it's on our own server and without a text limit. Everything you know from there, like hashtags, timelines, member accounts, or others, are exactly the same, and just a matter of habit, until you get used to it. It's really easy to handle.

• Although we're offering the possibility to interact with animated gif-files - in your reply, as an conversation, etc. - we recommend not to use them as your avatar! Unfortunately they take a lot of traffic and within the timeline it looks very restless, if all of our members would do so. So please be caution and feel free to use this benefit for all your interactions within the roleplay and/or OOC conversations, but not for your avatar solution.

• No commercial! Please, as a member of "Roleplay Haven" you're willing to write and play on our platform! That's what a community is made of! Although you may have some RPs on different places, like Facebook, Twitter, or else, we won't accept any commercial for these! Neither to misuse "Roleplay Haven" as an opportunity for your research on other platforms.

• This is the most important rule of all... HAVE FUN!!! Roleplaying is supposed to be fun and relaxing and a good way to release all those creative energies whilst celebrating and honouring our beloved stories and fandoms. Let us all try and keep that in mind!


Roleplaying on "Roleplay Haven"

• Here in our community it doesn't matter, which language you prefer to write for. Feel free to express your creativity in English, French, German, Spanish, or any other. Just make sure to inform us in your character description about your decision(s).

• For each character you're planning to write for, it's necessary to open up an own account. This is very important! in order to keep a sorted arrangement in our community. Writing for more than one character on an account is strictly prohibited and could cause confusion and misunderstanding. So please keep this individuality up for the right interaction on Roleplay Haven.
The only exceptions are the so called NPC accounts (Non Player Character), which are used for a shorter interaction in an SL. They are NOT intended for a main RP account! Just as a place holder on a running story, or similar. Please let us know about all your characters you're planning to write with on your NPC account, written down in your profile description.

• Please note, that on "Roleplay Haven" we're all Single Ship! This means, it doesn't matter with how many people you're writing on a story, but according to your love interest on a relationship you're only allowed to have one partner/account! It's a provision to avoid drama and harassment on our community. You're always allowed to creat another account, if you feel like pairing up with another character, but please, respect your partner on the old account and don't abandon him for a new relationship. It's a no-go and irresponsible.

• We all should be aware of the difference between "Single Ship" and "Single Verse". This has been falsely misunderstood within the time. A "Single Ship" is a relationship, where you pair up with one person/character, while "Single Verse" means, you're only writing for one story/universe. The opposite to it is "Multi Ship" and "Multi Verse". This means, on a "Multi Ship" you pair up with more than one person/character on your account (strictly prohibited on "Roleplay Haven"!) and the "Multi Verse" is an interaction within more than one storyline and/or universe, basically circumscribed as "Crossover" too.

• Know your own limits. We're all honouring our love and passion for roleplaying, but it doesn't mean to overdo it. Just don't open up another account, if you know you can't handle it, due to real-life, schooling, or others. You should be aware of the RPs and partners you have. Another account means more to do, and besides your real-life it could degenerate easily to stress. So just make sure you're able to handle all your accounts, although there's no limit for you to open up as many as you feel like. Just keep this in mind and respect the other writers.

• We all have our different ways of writing. But to keep an order here in our community, we all have, should and need to write in a similar style. Means, if you're writing OOC (Out Of Character) it's necessary to sign it with a clear 'OOC' on the beginning of your post, and converse to it with a straight reply (not with a new post!).
For example:

• For our inGame activities we're writing in third person, similar to what you know from a book, or compareable to it. I know, there are different methods of roleplaying, but for us it's easier to keep a unit in our family.
For example:

Belle: [...] Suddenly she laughed and this childish innocent curiosity didn't disappear.
"A... chocolate drink? No... uhm, besides the ice tea... I didn't try any of these things around here... Oh! Except Granny's pancakes, of course!"
She giggled, but her eyes couldn't move from his. She was thankful for these moments... above everything that happened. No matter what... she couldn't get rid of her love for him. Neither mistrust her own belief, to see the good in this man... [...]

or for a German example:
Tony Stark: [...] „Oh, General Ross! Nett, dass sie es doch noch einrichten konnten! Und ich hatte schon Angst, dass sie meine Einladung nicht erhalten haben?!“, entgegnete er ihm aus puren Sarkasmus und faltete spöttisch seine Hände vor dem Körper.
„Die - mit Verlaub - seit... oh! 45 Minuten überfällig ist? Pünktlichkeit scheint nicht gerade ihre Stärke zu sein, nicht wahr?!“
Ein dezentes Lachen ging durch die Reihen der Reporter, aber der angesprochene fand das ganz und gar nicht lustig. Mürrisch kam er auf den Mann im eisernen Anzug zu und hatte jeweils einen Bodyguard an seiner Seite.
„Was erlauben sie sich, Sta-...“
Doch da hatte ihn der junge Milliardär bereits unterbrochen.
„Analysieren wir doch mal die Fakten. Wir – und damit meine ich sie und mich – haben uns dazu entschlossen, zum Wohle der Bevölkerung ein Abkommen zu unterzeichnen... Korrigieren sie mich, wenn ich mich irre, aber sollte das nicht zur nationalen Sicherheit dienen?“ [...]

• Although it's a little confusing, there's only one way to answer/reply on a running RP/SL with your partner. Therefore you'll have to write a straight answer on the text area below the message of the RP/SL you're writing on. The "Reply" solution is meant to be a possibility for others to give a comment on the running story, or as a OOC interaction for the involved RP partners. Don't use it for your reply on your inGame reply! Either than that it gets kind of lost and people - including your partner - can't follow the storyline! So keep in mind: replying on your inGame you'll have to use the text area below the running RP/SL; "Reply" means you're commenting OOC on the selected post.

• If you feel like writing an OpenRP, you'll have to interact with all our members on the TL. You don't link/tag (@) it to anyone directly, as you write it straight open on the TL, and if someone wants to hook up on the OpenRP, he just has to reply on the text area below.

• Each account is allowed to open up their very own character blog. Or as many as you feel like. This is a great opportunity to write your solos, or some sorts of FanFictions about your character. There you don't have to stick to your storylines, which you're witing on the open timeline. But if you do, we recommend that you mark it with a note, so everyone knows about. Therefore you're able to express your imaginations in any forms. Spread your creativity!

• If you have a partner in our community, or if you decide to plot with someone else, maybe with more than one person, you can have your very own SLs with them. Therefore you write your post straight out on the TL, but mention it with a title and the UNs of your RP partners, which you also have to tag in your post. This possibility you find on the little -sign below your text area.
The order of the UNs determines the order of writing.

• There's also a possibility to create a 'Group' in order to interact within a independently theme story for more than one partner. It's a very fancy tool, if you would like to make your own RPG (Role Playing Group or Role Playing Game) inside of "Roleplay Haven". The interface is very easy and you're able to modificate the entire design of your group. There's no limit to your creativity! Just make sure that everyone keeps up with the rules of our main community.

• According to some familiar RP systems we won't have any 'writer accounts' (personal accounts) here on "Roleplay Haven". If you feel like interacting OOC with another member, just write it straight out on the timeline, or use the possibility of the chat function on our software. Just make sure to tag the account you want to talk to, or chat straight out on the small window, down on the right corner. On your mobile view you can find it on the 'chat-bubbles' above the timeline.


Explanation of Terms
on your Character Description
Your Story
Give us an impression of the background story of your character. Feel free to write as much as you want.
Favorite Quote
If your character has a favorite quote, or something that's typical for him, feel free to express and share it with us.
Your Cast of Mind
 Is your character an outlaw? Or a good person? Or one of these villains everyone is talking about?
What are the interests of your character.
Your Skills & Abilities
Tell us about the skills and abilities of your character.
Friends & Family
Who's the family of your character? Or did he/she lost his/her relatives? Are there some left? And who are the friends of your character? - Feel free to mention RPFriends of your character with @-name.
Please name the person (with the @-name) your character is in a relationship with. Don't forget, that a Multi-Ship pairing is strictly prohibited here on "Roleplay Haven"!
Currently looking for a relationship
If your character isn't in a relationship, is he looking for someone?
I am
Are you a Single-Verse or Multi-Verse (Crossover) writer?
(don't mix it up with Single-Ship and Multi-Ship! That has nothing to do with that!)
My Character is
Are you writing for a canon character (books, movies, etc.), or is it your own character (OC)?
I use Mature Contents
Easy way, are you writing with mature contents, or without?
The language(s) I prefer to write
Feel free to mention all the languages you're writing RPs for.
Amount I usually write
As you've seen it's necessary to be a descriptive and literate writer here on "Roleplay Haven", and you shouldn't hook up on short-replies. So what's usually your avarage?
I'm currently
Is your account active, or inactive?


We reserve the right to change the rules at any time.