Solo, ISO EIGHT (ISO 8), Tokyo, Japan.

Upstate New York, Avengers Facility. 9am.

Friday morning, the last working day of the week approached and Steve was already busy training some individuals outside of the base. As busy as the Facility itself. New individuals and quite new Agents were doing their work as well. Paperwork, hand-to-hand combat training and such. Trouble always comes around and threat is permanently imminent, therefore the Avengers and the individuals have to be prepared at any time of the day and night. The more the better, right? Steve was showing a few agents a fight movement when one Agent came out of the facility carrying a mobile device.

[Captain Rogers, someone's on the line for you.] Stated the level 3 Agent and handed Steve the phone.

"Thank you, who's this?" Asked Steve, releasing the agents from their work session.

[Dr. Helen Cho, sir.] Responded the Agent. Helen Cho? Oh well, it's nice to know that she's doing fine since she almost got killed by Ultron back in the lab when the Robot had the young woman under a spell in order to create the android, Vision.

Steve took the phone and brought it up to his ear, "Doctor Cho, nice to hear you, ma'am."

[Good morning, Captain. I hope I don't bother you?] Asked Helen.

"No, not at all. I just ceased the today's session with my fosterlings. I'm all yours. How can I help you?" Stated Steve and went to take a seat outside of the base.

Helen laughed softly and begun. [After I have succesfully recovered from Ultron's strike, I went under for a while, mainly to investigate the remainings of Sokovia, and ... we've found something interesting you have to see. Do you think you could come over?] Stated Cho and asked.

Steve listened attentive and was now curious. "Sounds interesting, I'll be on my way."

[Perfect, Captain. It's about you and the serum, so..]

"About me and the serum? Now I'm curious. I'll take the jet now and will be there in a couple of hourse. See you later."

[Amazing, see you later, Captain Rogers.]

After Helen hung up the call, Steve wandered inside to prepare the take off, he hadn't been in Japan before and it's about him. He choose not to take anyone with him since he didn't know what this is about. Only the pilot would join. Steve signed off for two days, that'd be enough if it turns out to be a mission; ― and if it will take a few more days then he'd let the base know. The pilot informs Steve about the jet being ready, and so the Soldier and the pilot made their way to the jet to take off about a half an hour later.

[ Time Skip ]

In the later afternoon of Japan time, the Quinjet landed, right on the roof of Cho's laboratory. The young woman awaited the Captain impatiently and welcomed him and the pilot nicely.

[Good afternoon, Captain. Nice to have you finally here. Please follow us inside.] Offered Cho and walked ahead, followed by Steve who greeted the woman back. But before Cho leads Steve into her very own lab, she shows the Captain around; every co-worker watches Steve in amaze. They've heard the stories about the Captain. A few moments later, Cho then finally lead Steve into her lab and begins.

[Well, during our investigation in Sokovia, we found these...] Helen lifted a little box, this box contained a little blue stone. [We thought--]

Then Steve interrupted Helen. "Is this an infinity stone?"

But Cho just shakes her head. [We thought that too, since they've popped up a lot recently. We invited Thor to tell us but he guaranteed us it's not one of those.

"Thor told me about his dream that was caused by Wanda's flux, but .. what is it then?" Asked Steve in curiousity.

[We've looked through old history books to find anything about it, and we've got a match. This stone is called, ISO Eight. This stone has the ability to reinforce someone's power. For example, yours. If we'd add it to your serum then your powers would increase. You could for example lift more weight, a punch could cause double damage. We easily could make you stronger.]

That indeed impressed Steve, so he lent down to take a closer look on it.

"Well, nice .. But I'm quite happy with what I've got back then."

[Right, we already assumed that you wouldn't be interested.]

"Oh? But I am in fact interested.. I'm just not sure.. I'd say let's give it a try? If that would make me stronger; our enemies become stronger any day too, so.."

Helen smiles, clearly happy about Steve agreeing.

[We can start right now if you want.]

And Steve nods alongside with a smile. "Fine, let's do it."

Cho led Steve into a little room with all the things she needs to add it to Steve's system. It's actually simple, they already seperated the influence of the stone and filled it into small vials. Four vials they've got. For now this is the only stone they've found but Cho is convinced that there are more, somewhere out there. Now that Steve has taken a seat and freed his arm to allow Cho access to his vein, Cho begun to dig the needle into his vein; letting the blue serum flow inside. At first nothing seems to happen, but Steve soon begins to groan; his whole body burns, that's what Steve thinks. Each vein of his body momentarily changes the color, to blue.

"Oh lord, that burns! But ... I can feel it. I can feel its power!" It's a sensation the Captain hadn't felt in ages but after just a few seconds, it vanished. The vials were empty and Cho removed the needle.

[How do you feel, Captain?]

"... I'm not sure. Stronger?" He laughed, watching Cho cleaning the small area she had used.

[Hm, we've got to try it. Hold on.] Then Cho walked out, leaving Steve alone who was then grabbing after a glass that was filled with water. He barely touched it and it already broke; causing Cho to storm into the room.

"Oh... I barely touched it?"

[Well, it seems it works.]

"Obviously... For usual it doesn't happen so quick, not at all. Only if I squeeze it until it breaks..."

[I'd say it works. I'd like to keep you a day to see how it affects you.]

"Okay. I've signed off for two days anyway so that would work.. I'm stunned at how fast it happened, I mean.."

[Let's see in the morning how it works, and how good it affects you...]