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2017-06-24T14:39:58+00:00 -
|| a short admin statement
Although I'm barely active over here, I'm always around to check if there's something new, or some sort of spam accounts I've to delete.
However, I hope in the upcoming weeks I'll be able to make a big update on our community. I've noticed that the PHP is giving some issues and I'll have to renew the software. One of my goals is to make an OOC forum for us, so we can discuss about fandoms, plots, and more.
So... yes, stay tuned ^^ ...
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2017-05-18T20:11:55+00:00 -
// OOC

I would really like to see this account have some action.. finally.
Is there anyone that wishes to RP?
I'm descriptive and literate, I reply once a day and sometimes more than once a day, depends on how busy I am and I'm loyal to my partner. Never in my RP years I have abandoned someone.
I will only ship my OC with a male character though
Whoever wants, let me know and we can plot something in messages
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2017-05-17T15:29:51+00:00 -
so Doctor who or star wars or Harry potter rp anyone? and like i said in my bio i generally do wedgie rps with a romance subplot
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2016-12-12T21:27:03+00:00 -
Harrison was surrounded in complete darkness. His eyes closed, he hovered just inches off the floor. The weeks since his return had left him directionless and drained. He needed to regroup and conspire, lest he fade away indefinitely.
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2016-12-03T21:06:06+00:00 -
*** OOC ***
Hey everyone! I just wanted to apologize for my inactivity. Unfortunately RL got me tight up and I try to be around as much as possible. Yet I can't hook up with everything, so I'll be back in about a week. Just so everyone knows
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2016-11-15T11:03:02+00:00 -
---- Characters where still in need of

The Evil Queen
Baby Robyn
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2016-11-03T13:25:52+00:00 -
What's the name of your character?
Lucif Hael

Who's your character?
She's one of the Avengers ( OC)

Are you searching for an SL or Pairing Partner?
Both, to be honest.

Do you have an SL in mind?
Not yet, but in due time I will.

Does your partner has to be descriptive?

Are you searching for a canon or OC character?
Doesn't matter to me.

Who are you looking for (specifish)?
Open to any fandom, really, as long as I know what it is.

Which language do you prefer...
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2016-10-31T16:00:41+00:00 -
to all our dear members!
Enjoy this evening of monsters & horror!
Have fun!
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2016-10-26T15:39:51+00:00 -
|| OOC: Hello! New Steve here, old writer to the other Steve. Please read the guidlines that will be written below! [Hallo, neuer Steve hier. War damals schon hier mit diesen Steve. Bitte leßt die folgenen sachen unten!]


◊ ─ Descriptive and literate
◊ ─ Active, (Mainly the evening, unless the App comes out, then all day)
◊ ─ Open for these ships: Steggy, Staron, WarPatriot, (Lady Sif - Steve)
◊ ─ Smut can be written, but that will be transfered to DM's!
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2016-10-26T15:37:06+00:00 -
| Viewers Note | Without giving away too many spoilers for those who may have not had a chance to catch up on once upon a time. But what I will tell everyone is that Regina Split herself from the Evil Queen to get rid of her. but it turned out that the Queen was not ready to die. So now we have two different Versions of Regina to deal with.

Since this Queen is VERY DIFFERENT in many ways because she does not have a consequence to guide her in the right direction. Second, The only thing she ca...
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